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Bringing Fundamentals Back to the Kitchen

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Getting Back to Basics

The restaurant business has changed dramatically over my thirty year career, and the biggest shift has been towards a reliance on tech, metrics and analytics.  I love technology and it makes running a restaurant easier.  However, I believe we have shifted too far and have stopped teaching our staff the fundamentals of running a kitchen.  Proper ordering and production are a craft that cannot be fully automated. I help companies train their staff to get the most out of their management systems

Chef's Kitchen


Your Strategic Partner

Are your numbers off each period, or do they seem to fluctuate for no reason.  I have experience with nearly every inventory management system and can diagnose your issues quickly and efficiently


I will work with your team to give them an true understanding of good ordering and production procedures. give them knowledge pertaining to inventory management systems and how to make them work for them


restaurants bleed money beacuse they have inefficient operations.  I will diagnose your logistical issues and give you real options to lower your labor and improve efficiency

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